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Reduce      Reuse     Reupholster

         While we believe that a locally produced, well built piece of furniture is a better use of the resources available, we also know that not every project calls for a new upholstery piece. That is why we have developed our Umphred Reupholstery Program.


         The Umphred Reupholstery Program offers customers the ability to reuse some of their favorite furniture. We start by stripping the upholstered item down to the bare frame. This gives us the opportunity to evaluate the integrity of the frame and make any structural changes or additions. At this point we can also make any changes to the overall design of the frame. We can reshape arm styles, raise seat heights, and more.  Then we check all the foam and upholstery fill materials and replace or refresh as needed.  We will also refresh or replace cushion fill as requested. And finally, reupholstering the item in a fresh new fabric.


         Best of all, it is simple! All we need is a photo of the item, overall dimensions and a brief description of the condition of the item. Is an arm loose? Does it need firmer cushions? Is it a treasured family heirloom? Does the finish need to be touched up?  We will take it from there. We will provide you with a quote and the amount of yardage needed. Together we can make a difference.



Before & After RE-UPHOLSTERY  Heirloom W
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