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There was something very romantic about the past, a bygone era when we made an adventure out of going to a Department Store, where everything we ever dreamed of was there for the taking. If you wanted to spruce things up with a little home décor, what a joy it was to see all the beautifully accessorized rooms on display. And better yet, you could wander over to the Fancy Goods and Notions Departments (terms you never hear anymore) and actually see, touch, smell and feel all those wonderfully enticing home décor items and accessories, while making your choices. 


This is what shopping used to be about, before we had drones delivering our every want and need, before items for the most intimate spaces in your home were bought, sight unseen, off the Internet. This is what shopping was like before it all ceased to be an adventure. In the old days you could spend hours in the Fancy Goods and Notions departments, where there were so many beautiful items and decorative “soft goods” on display that your head would spin with excitement.


Umphred Furniture has revived the Notions and Fancy Goods department. As collectors of fine linens and unique textiles, we are creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handmade decorative goods for the home, which can be found in our retail store filled with Fancy Goods. By collecting and displaying these handmade items, you can style and add warmth to your interiors. When you have layers of color and texture, you can’t help but create a comfortable, yet interesting living space with a lot of character.


Our Notions Department offers exquisite linen throws, bedding and pillows. Our custom-made decorative toss pillows are all filled with soft luxurious down feathers for the ultimate in comfort. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced seamstresses who do meticulous work on each item, which they make by hand. We are always adding new notions, so nothing stays the same for very long. Plan on stopping by the store one day soon!

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